Buy the CD.

$5 flat for the CD Even though the album is available digitally on Torrent as well as iTunes and Amazon MP3, you might still be interested in purchasing a REAL copy of the CD. You can purchase it directly from me for $5 flat. That's right, $5 flat. No shipping charges or taxes to worry about (who needs em). The purchase is handled safely and easily through PayPal and shipped quickly through the USPS.

Why buy the CD from me? The nicest part about buying a CD directly through me is that you will be supporting an independent home-brew artist who is trying to do things differently than the big business of the music industry. While I'm offering it FREE and recession proof on Torrent as well as through the popular online music stores, buying the physical CD through me cuts out the middle men and financially helps me the most as an independent artist (other than donating directly to me after downloading the Torrent of course).